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Source: Marae

A sound gushes out first from the mist and a vast expanse illuminates at the same time.

Just imagine that we could create a universe with just one voice. We would give it life, confer it a soul, we would imagine this growing universe and eventually see it disappear. It would be then created a universe that only depends on the vastness of all possible voices.

— Quinzequinze

The exhibition “Source: Marae” is the result of the invitation made by Arquivo 237 to the French collective Quinzequinze in order to create, in its space in Lisbon, an “interactive environment” which is reflected on the theme “source” by the use of digital technology.

Composed by 15 artists, the Quinzequinze collective will be in Lisbon from April 25th to 29th in artistic residency at Arquivo 237 space, in order to develop and assemble the exhibition “Source: Marae”. Between April 30th and May 8th, the exhibition will be open to the public with the presence of the artists.

Based in Bairro Alto, Arquivo 237 is a cultural platform with particular focus in Architecture, Design and Technology. Each year its team sets a new theme which is presented and discussed by exhibitions and debates. Currently, Arquivo 237 is exploring the theme “source” which, by definition, is a starting point and, as an idea, inquiries about the duality between the received and sent information. It is in this context that Arquivo 237 addresses the invitation to collective Quinzequinze so that, through their interactive environment, which involves the viewer in an experience, where technology is used as a questioning element, where we can discuss possibilities, consequences and limits of the transformation of a starting point (“source”).


Quinzequinze is a French collective of designers with a desire to include new technologies in everyday life in a new way. For such, they seek to include the user in a smart and playful relationship with their environment.

Devices and presented prototypes explore new practices that aim to add “gameplay” to our daily lives. The purpose of these objects isn’t making our life more constant or comfortable, but rather disrupts it and make it denser.