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Manipulation: The Return of Utopia

Tiago Casanova

sound design
Filipe Raposo

curated by
Andreia Garcia

19th to 30th of April, 2017

openning + conversas
19th of Abril at 6.30pm

organized by
Arquivo 237


“In the post-truth era, when facts don’t matter any more, looking into the idea of manipulation through an architectural context requires a thought on the tools of its own discourse.
Nowadays public opinion is based on the appealing of emotion, beliefs and the repetition of a non-truth until it becomes a non-lie.
This is the era of manipulation. It is the era of the portrayed image, more empathic than the factual.
Assuming the will to analyse urbanity, knowing that the common look over reality
moves towards decline, The Return of Utopia challenges the contemporary tools through a game of utopias, in a new context of truth, which is the post-utopia.
As Shooting the Past by Stephen Poliakoff, where it is represented the non-abandonment of what constitutes the story of ideas that push us into the creation of a new, absolutely true, expressed with emotion over a photographic portfolio, this exhibition is an interpretation of the post-truth about architecture, city and urbanity.

In this sense, Tiago Casanova creates an original work, through a videographic configuration adapted to the installation, pursuing the idealization of a circular building, established in an abstract (dis)figured context. It seeks for a strong relation with the body and the spectator, starting a process of multiple truth about one truth: a disorientation over an orientation, a look on the society about the precision of the capture of a gesture, a critical development on the pace of a new way to obeserv.

Filipe Raposo is part of the exhibition, with the design of the sound effects to enhance the senses in overall spatial experience.”

— Andreia Garcia / Curator


Manipulation: The Return of Utopia is part of Arquivo 237 annual exhibition program. Every year the team of Arquivo 237 defines a theme to present through exhibitions, talks and workshops.

This year the theme is “Manipulation”, a term that, when applied to physical matter is understood as a crafted gesture to transform or modify. By comparison when it’s taken to the field of thought, it’s meaning relates to tampering, influencing and controlling. Therefore Arquivo 237 seeks to speculate over the practices of Architecture, Design and Technology and how these have the capacity to transform and the power to influence.

With the aim to broaden up the discussion Arquivo 237 invites other entities to be players along the creative process of each event. In that sense, the outcome of this exhibition is the collaboration with the architect and curator Andreia Garcia where she question the theme “Manipulation” through Architecture as a cultural practice both built and research.”

— Arquivo 237



Tiago Casanova
Tiago Casanova (Madeira, 1988) studied Architecture at FAUP (Faculdade de Arquitectura da Universidade do Porto) since 2006, when his interest in photography and architecture began. Currently he takes part on the collective XYZ Books, co-founded Scopio Magazine and A Ilha. He has exhibited his work in individual and collective exhibitions since 2005. Tiago is represented by the Salgadeiras Gallery, lives and works between Porto and Lisbon.

Filipe Raposo
Filipe Raposo (Lisbon, 1979) works as a composer, arranger and pianist. He starts to study piano in Conservatório Nacional de Lisboa. Master in Piano Jazz Performance by Royal College of Music (Stockholm), with a scholarship awarded by the Royal Music Academy of Stockholm and a Bachelor degree in Classical Composition by Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa.

Andreia Garcia
Andreia Garcia (Guimarães, 1985) is a curator, writer, consultant and lecturer of architecture, design, theatre and urban scenography. Founder of Andreia Garcia Architectural Affairs, she has specialized in the dissemination of architecture through research, curatorial practice and editorial projects. In November 2016 she co-founded with Diogo Aguiar the Galeria de Arquitectura in Oporto.

Arquivo 237
Arquivo 237 is a platform for documentation, exhibition and creation of cultural and educational projects, with a focus on the areas of Architecture, Design and Technology. Currently, the regular program includes the “theme of the year” which is presented and discussed in exhibitions, debates and workshops; the project “Conversas Lisboa” and the learning project “ANEXO”. At the same time, Arquivo 237 has an open program that includes talks, projections, workshops and project launches in Lisbon.