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Hàbitat: “East Coast / West Coast”

Conference Cycle “East Coast/West Coast: Architecture between Barcelona | Lisboa”

From October 27th 2016 until April 2017, the conference cycle “East Coast / West Coast” will host every two weeks 12 lectures held alternately between Barcelona and Lisbon. This initiative considers the architecture of both cities and counts on the participation of 2 catalan speakers and 1 portuguese speaker during the sessions in Barcelona, and 2 portuguese speakers and 1 catalan speaker during the sessions in Lisbon.

Inspired by the terms “East Coast” and “West Coast” referring to the differences between the East and West coasts of the USA, this cycle of conferences aims to address the subjects of architecture and the relations held between both sides of the Iberian Peninsula, reflecting and highlighting the cultural variations that result from the fact that this is a geographical area bathed by two oceans (Atlantic and Mediterranean).


Pedro Domingos Arquitectos
Miguel Marcelino


Ramon Faura


Arquitectes per l’Arquitectura