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Source: Open Lab

Source: Open Lab is an exhibition that aims to explore the principles of open source, a system for free production and distribution, that uses collaborative platforms for the development of objects, services and systems.

In this exhibition we presented four open source platforms: Arduíno, Rep Rap, e-NABEL and Open Desk. These offer a range of possibilities, from electronic prototyping, to the drawing and production of 3D printed prothesis.


Source is by definition a point or place from which something is obtained. As an idea, it is a word that explores the duality of receiving and streaming information.

The theme urge to reflect over the resources of design practices in a contemporary context where there is a clear media convergence, giving rise to disciplinary crossings, co-productions and hybrid territories.

From July 2015 to March 2016 we had as a crosscutting objective of presenting a theoretical and practical dialogue with the exhibitions and debates, where the exhibition space takes part of the action to generate and develop new practices.

A project developed in collaboration with FabLab Lisboa and Centro Hospital de Lisboa Central – Hospital Dona Estefânia.


Opening Photos