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Source: 17 Studies

What would ordinary things we pass by be if we actually cared to look?

This is the idea behind this project. To make us look and question things and areas we don’t pay attention to and think about their presence in our day to day lives and on the ways in which we shut out so much of our visual experience of the world by focusing on things not in our consciously perceived environment.

17 STUDIES explores the idea of immediate environment, of the spaces we are experiencing in our daily lives and how we organize them and with them. Born from a challenge made by Miguel Rodrigues to Lucas Dietrich to explore, in a physical exhibition context, the ideas of intertext and active participation in the work of Miguel Rodrigues for the Raum project.

Exploring the same themes of identification and navigation in the midst of everyday life, we propose, through a participatory and interactive experience, bringing people to the availability of attention and sensitivity to their environment.

Miguel Rodrigues (Lisbon, 1978)

Currently at the Mestardo in Multimedia Arts at the Faculty of Fine Arts at ULisboa, studied with António Julio Duarte, Paulo Catrica and Bruno Pelletier Sequeira, among others. Develops work as an artist, especially in photography.

Lucas Dietrich (Austria, 1978)

Concert diploma for bass in Feldkirch Conservatory. Studied at the Conservatory Nadia et Lili Boulanger in Paris and Media Design at the University of Applied Sciences, Vorarlberg.

Works as a musician, graphic designer and illustrator.

SOURCE is by definition a point or place from which something is obtained. As an idea, it is a word that explores the duality of receiving and streaming information.

The theme urge to reflect over the resources of design practices in a contemporary context where there is a clear media convergence, giving rise to disciplinary crossings, co-productions and hybrid territories.

From July 2015 to July 2016 ARQUIVO 237 had as a crosscutting objective of presenting a theoretical and practical dialogue with the exhibitions and debates, where the exhibition space takes part of the action to generate and develop new practices.