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New School: Espaço

ARQUIVO 237 feat. Mariana Salvador

22 NOV 14 — 29 NOV 14


Photography by João Carmo Simões


Arquivo 237 devised the motto: rethinking the new professional paths and ways of learning through works and productions created around Space.
If Architecture is, in this context, a privileged area for reflecting about space — synthesizing different fields of knowledge — its conceptual process is, itself, complex and multifarious. From the first sketch to construction, from graphic representations to the discourse produced about the architectural object, different perspectives, approaches and techniques converge to a concept of built space that is one, comprehensive and holistic.
Thus, departing from a classic architectural education as common ground, in this exhibition are presented three different approaches and techniques for understanding the architectonic space —the spatial intervention, the still image and the written word — through the works of Olga Sanina & Marcelo Dantas, João Carmo Simões and Paula Melâneo.

— Mariana Salvador


Architect and photographer, my work seeks to understand the way in which buildings and territory are built and inhabited. I do strongly believe in the potential of physical construction. My work is an attempt to reach its own processes and nature. The practice of architecture design and the singular insight through photography are seen as ways to seek this understanding.


Architecture: the nature of things.
Things for the creation of nature.
Nature of things for the creation of matter for the creation of space.
Image for the creation of space for the creation of matter for the creation of the nature
of things. The image is a kidnap.
Two for the creation of space.
Natures for the creation of thing.
Kidnap for the creation of silence.
Silence for the creation of space for the creation of the nature of things.

[on (as transmutações), HH]
— Daniela Sá, November 2014.


Photography by João Carmo Simões


Olga Sanina & Marcelo Dantas Arquitectos is a practice launched whilst students back in 2003. It was a way to complement our ongoing academic journey with a first approach to the “real life” as architects. This partnership has been successful since day one and ever since seeks to broaden its activity range by crossing different scales, programmatic issues and themes, letting them all contaminate each other in the practice’s daily life.


The invitation by Arquivo 237 becomes the opportunity for an always-postponed reflection on the journey of the studio. The Atlas Mnemosyne concept is identified as the ideal strategy to communicate this reflection.
Through a chronologically organized graphic composition, the evolution of themes, intervention types and contamination processes between external and internal references are identified. From this Atlas, emerges the understanding of a clear transition to areas close to photography, painting and installation, yet deeply influenced by architecture.

— Olga Sanina e Marcelo Dantas


Photography by João Carmo Simões


Lisbon based architect, who lived in Paris, Shanghai and Bucharest. Graduated in Architecture in 1999, she completed the MSc. Multimedia-Hypermedia in 2003.
Besides the architecture practice, she focused her professional activity in the editorial field, writing critics and specialized articles for different international publications such as C3 (KR), Frame (NL) or AMC (FR). Currently, she is the editorial coordinator for the magazine “arqa –Architecture and Art”. She was assistant curator for the magazine’s project “Geração Z” (2009, 2010, 2011). Also, she was editor for EXD’11 and EXD’13, the design and architecture Biennale in Lisbon.


More then showing a Text, the important is to read it and try to immerse into the expanded scope of an Architecture named, in the context of this exhibition, of “New School”. For that, the public is invited to perform the reading act, to pause and reflect about how can an architect be making Architecture and creating new Spaces by means of writing, analyzing and criticising. And, in a plural and comprehensive way, how can the architects actively contribute to the discipline by enlarging and diversifying their action field.

— Paula Melâneo


Photography by João Carmo Simões