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Launch Re • vis • ta #1

Re∙vis∙ta defines itself as a publication of reflection, criticism and disclosure with a focus on visual arts and a particular incidence in contemporary artistic production. Focused on the portuguese artistic field, it coherently considers its relations with an international context. It circumscribes itself in a comprehensive spectrum of action simultaneously conditioned. With a team of three elements, including the designer that follows the project since Revista 4, it continues the self-publishing and paper printing path. They simplified, depurated and like so, text by text, syllable by syllable they are building Re∙vis∙ta. Without a fixed periodicity, each number will be edited respecting the time needed to get closer to the goals set for each moment.


  • Flávia Violante
  • Rita Salgueiro


  • Sílvia Prudêncio


  • Eduardo Ferreira


  • Bernardo Vaz de Castro
  • Catarina Rosendo
  • Daniel Peres
  • Gerbert Verheij
  • Kunsthalle
  • Mariana Silva
  • Parkour
  • Sara & André
  • Sismógrafo
  • Von Calhau