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Caldas Design Week: Late Night

Taking as its starting point the name of the well known event “Caldas Late Night”, which happens simultaneously to Caldas Design Week, Arquivo 237 purposed to approach the idea of “Late Night” through its areas of interest: Architecture, Design and Technology. Thus, having Frank Sinatra’s “Strangers in the Night” as its sonorous landscape, this initiative searched for practices that explored the senses of  bodies, that move through the night looking for some kind of freedom. Such practices were revealed in olfactory, sound, visual, gustatory and tactile experiences.


André Duarte

Noemi is inspired on Proust’s theory, which presents us the strong relationship between olfact and memory. From this arised the interest in enabling another way of register, beyond the visual and auditive way, namely from photography, video and sound. Searching for the synthesis of existent typologies like the alembic, the distiller is the means to collect essencial oils, fragments of a time and space. The foundation of a memory that becomes eternal.

André Duarte studied Sciences and Technologies and later Equipment Design at the Faculty of Fine-Arts of Lisbon. During these years he expanded his visions and possibilities of intervention as a designer, having settled with great certain that independently of the challenge, the search shall always be made through the best communication vessel between the object/space and the user.


Catarina Lee e João Freire

Strrrranger is an interactive installation in which the song “Strangers in the Night” by Frank Sinatra is used for the creation of an audio-visual environment that is manipulated by the spectator. By controlling several parameters of the instruments (volume, velocity, pan), the spectator is invited to deconstruct the song, thus building new sound environments. The MIDI files of each instrument are analysed and used simultaneously to generate abstract forms and colours, proposing a visual expression and an immediate reading of the created sound.

Catarina Lee has a degree in Communication Design and a MA in Communication Design and New Media (FBAUL). In 2015 she attended the School for Poetic Computation (NY). Her research focuses on the exploration of audiovisual systems that are based on data and that use software as a creative medium, with a particular interest on the subject of transmutability of digital data.

João Freire is a renegade mechanical engineer, assaulted by follies and daydreams that transform his day-to-day into fun. He resorts to the current and the former, in a constant renewal, remixing and simplifying. With passages through software and robotics companies he combines the physical with the virtual, the electronic with the visual.

Simulate-Reverse Play

Susana Sanches

Simulate-Reverse Play is an interactive installation that explores a type of play (game/ludic activity) that emerges from the process of simulation and reversal of procedures by machine and human. It explore two co-dependent dimensions (virtual and real) that communicate with each other in a continuous loop of computational simulation of procedures and its subsequent reversal back onto the physical space by means of human mediation. Exposing the duality between machine and human performativity, it proposes an exploration of the creative and generative potential of software code inside and outside of the computer.

Susana Sanches has a degree in Multimedia Art and a MA in Communication Design and New Media by FBAUL. Her research focuses on subjects of communication and computation, approaching the creative possibilities and aesthetic qualities of generative and interactive systems, with a special interest in performative practices.

Actors/ Promoters

  • SILOS Contentor Criativo
  • Arquivo 237
  • Município de Caldas da Rainha
  • Esad Caldas da Rainha